Water Mist - Aqua Mist Systems

Water Mist System is a highly efficient fire-fighting solution, as well as an economic one since it requires much less water than other water based systems. The main difference between Water Mist and traditional water based systems is its reduced droplet size. NFPA 750 defines Water Mist as a Water Spray with a droplet size of “less than 1000 microns at the minimum operation pressure of the discharge nozzle”. When a droplet of water vaporises, it expands by some 1,600 times. Because heat absorption is a function of surface area and not volume, smaller droplets mean more surface area and therefore faster heat absorption. Water Mist has the unique ability to deliver water as a fine atomised mist. This mist is quickly converted to steam that smothers the fire and prevents further oxygen from reaching it. At the same time, the evaporation creates a significant cooling effect of combustion gases and blocks the transfer of radiant heat. In this way, Water Mist combines the fire suppression properties of both conventional water-based Deluge or sprinkler systems and gaseous fire suppression systems. Water Mist Systems are available in both low and high pressure versions.

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