Fire Detection

FORMULA TECHNIKI S.A. is the exclusive representative of APOLLO Fire Detectors Limited and TOTAL WALTHER GmbH and has a very close cooperation with KENTEC Electronics Ltd, TYCO, KAC ALARM, COOPER and other well known and reliable worldwide Fire Detection Systems and equipment manufacturers. With their cooperation our company has designed, supplied , installed and maintains a very large number of addressable and conventional Fire Detection Systems all over Greece.

Extinguishing Systems

FORMULA TECHNIKI S.A. is your partner to evaluate the type of your hazard and propose the best Engineered Fire Fighting System for your needs. Our company provides Design, Supply and Installation of all Gas (INERGEN,CO2, Argonite, HFC227,HFC125 ), Water, Water/Foam, Dry and Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems to meet any specific requirement.

Gas Detection System

FORMULA TECHNIKI S.A. works in close cooperation with OGGIONI SAS, a well known Italian company that is famous for manufacturing certified Gas Detection Systems which have been used in many applications worldwide. Our company has designed, supplied and installed many Gas Detection Systems especially in factories and hazardous areas. Moreover, we have installed a large number of CO Detection Systems in indoor parking areas.

Fire Fighting Equipment

FORMULA TECHNIKI S.A. is your one source supplier for any kind of portable or fixed Fire Fighting material and equipment. Standard and Special Fire Hose Cabinets, Water and Water/Foam Monitors, Listed shut off valves and stations, portable and wheeled Fire Extinguishers are only some of the items included in our range of supply.

Green Hydrogen Systems

We design and supply Green Hydrogen Systems for a sustainable energy transition.

For more than 25 years the brand name “Formula Techniki” is synonymous with the “Engineered Fire Protection Systems” in Greece.

The cooperation, on exclusive or as distributors base, with the world’s most famous and reputable companies like TOTAL WALTHER, TYCO and APOLLO Fire Detectors, in combination with the continuous training of our engineers and technicians, have set us among the leading fire protection companies in the Greek market.


FORMULA TECHNIKI is certified to EN ISO9001:2008 & EN ISO14001:2004 for Design, Installation and Supply of Fire Detection and Fire Extinguishing Systems.

In addition, FORMULA TECHNIKI has been certified by FIRAS WARRINGTON as a “Certificated Contractor for Fully Hydraulic Calculated Contracts with Water Supplies”.


  • Design of Fire protection Systems.
  • Supply & Installation of Fire Protection Systems by our trained personnel
  • Maintenance Services for all kinds of Fire Protection Systems.
  • Provider of Electrolysers for the production of Green Hydrogen

About Us

FORMULA TECHNIKI is one of the leading companies in the Fire Protection Sector in Greece. We cooperate with the largest Manufacturers and Suppliers worldwide. Our personnel are continuously trained in the Design, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Detection and Fire Extinguishing Systems.

Elias Angelikas, CEO